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Corliss Engine Review TRIAD: Efficiency is the Name of the Game
Corliss Engine Review TRIAD: Efficiency is the Name of the Game

CORLISS ENGINE REVIEW TRIAD: Efficiency is the Name of the Game


In an industry full of many players vying for access to the market, TRIAD strives to level up by focusing on efficiency, efficiency and efficiency. There is no other objective worth aiming for when user satisfaction is of utmost importance. TRIAD delivers efficiency in their products as a mark of their commitment to excellence in performance.


Thus, TRIAD manufactures Modular Hot Water and Steam-Heating systems that are significantly more efficient than conventional large boilers. Modular boilers fire up more quickly than conventional systems and, to boot, with reduced heat loss in order to meet the heat requirement more effectively. Available choices of equipment include steam boilers, gas boilers, oil boilers and combination boilers for practically any radiant heating requirement.


Design Elegance and Simplicity in Action


TRIAD incorporates simplicity and elegance in the design of their products as they aim to achieve consistent water volume where heat is needed. The operating process basically involves the following steps:


  • Boilers are activated in sequence, drawing water from the main loop into the next hot-water boiler until the heating requirement is achieved.


  • Firing boilers remain isolated; hence, no heated-water is conveyed through cold boilers.


  • Within a year, unfired boilers provide only occasional backup heated-water supply.


  • Outdoor temperatures and loop-water temperatures are constantly monitored.


The efficiency of this design can only be appreciated and made apparent by comparing with conventional boilers which would still be operating at full capacity during the warmer months while TRIAD boilers operate way below that.


Modularity in Boiler Design


TRIAD patented and pioneered a concept in 1967 that integrates modularity by utilizing a single-pipe primary-secondary system. The system incorporates two loops, (i) the primary loop, or building main-loop, and (ii) smaller secondary loops coming from each hot-water boiler, which supply heated-water to the primary loop.


When heat is required, the pump delivers the return water into the boiler and pushes it out through the secondary loop, thus, supplying hot water into the primary loop or the main header where it merges with the cooler return water from the main-building loop. The advantages of this process include the following:


  • Supply and return water are mixed, removing the need for costly and undependable mixing valves often utilized in two-pipe systems.
  • The secondary loop separates each hot-water boiler, producing a very efficient system that decreases thermal shock.


Simple is elegant, as the saying goes. TRIAD certainly lives up to this idea when it comes to delivering efficiency and peak performance.

Corliss Engine Review